123 Play!™ helps children develop visual acuity. The game consists of 32 cards with bass and treble clefs varying in size, shape, thickness and colour. There are three different skill levels that can be played. Players identify and discard the card that has one, two or three differences to the card in play. Parents find that they are as challenged as their children are!
For ages 4 – adult
Item #: CG12

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Measures™ teaches beat and rhythm in a way that ensures true musical understanding. It also doubles as a math game. Measures™ consists of 8 different time signature/fraction cards and 64 note value/fraction cards. Players build rhythmic structures to equal a full measure based on the time signature card chosen. Each full measure becomes a book and the object of the game is to make as many books as possible. As your skill level increases, you can make the game more difficult by adding more elements.
For ages 7– adult
Item #: CGME

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Games make learning fun. Parents find that our games add spice to home practise routines. Teachers find that they enhance the learning experience in the studio and are ideal for group lessons.

Our games are also useful for times when a student has a broken instrument, physical injury, or simply needs a new source of inspiration.